The Innovation Agenda Summit

Conversations on Leadership and Risk

December 7, 2022

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The Innovation Agenda Summit has concluded, but the sessions are all available on-demand. View sessions for award-winning innovation advice from recipients of the prestigious CSO50 and CIO 100 awards and several other top industry leaders. Key takeaways include learning how to plan and operationalize a winning strategy based on our speakers’ in-depth research.



Our attendees learned:

  • Thought-provoking insights from CIO 100 and CSO50 award-winning companies
  • Case studies with lessons learned and tips for success focused on growth, innovation, and risk management
  • Keynote presentations featuring world-class thought leaders
  • Discussions focused on turning disruption into innovation
  • Identifying Next-Gen Tech Opportunities
  • Why Understanding Climate Risk End-to-End is Critical for Your Business


  • Turning Innovation from an Academic Exercise into an Everyday Skill
  • Wearing Many Hats: CIOs Need to Be More Than Just the Title on Their Business Card
  • Process Optimization Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Navigating Organizational Politics Using Influence and Diplomacy
  • Sifting Through the Complexity and Criticality of Software Accountability

Keynote Speaker: Terry Jones

Founding Chairman,

Best known for founding and serving as founding Chairman of, Terry Jones has become a powerful voice in the world of entrepreneurship through his numerous, customizable speaking engagements, both live and virtual, and the publication of his book, ON Innovation. His career path has established him as a thought leader on innovation in our increasingly digital world.

Eric Brown

VP Americas Technology
Align Technology

Stephanie Franklin-Thomas

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
ABM Industries

Claus T. Jensen

Chief Innovation Officer
Teladoc Health

Terry Jones

Founder; Founding Chairman,

Mekala Krishnan

McKinsey Global Institute

Neal Sample

Former EVP & CIO
Northwestern Mutual

Phillip Silitschanu

Research Director, Worldwide Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT, & Web3 Strategies

Ivelisse Torres

Senior Director, Cyber Security
ABM Industries

Deborah Wheeler

Delta Airlines


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