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CSO Future of Cybersecurity Summit, Dec. 7, 2023 – agenda coming soon.

June 8

11:30am - 11:40am

Opening Remarks


Greg Barnes, CISO, Highmark Healthcare


Beth Kormanik, Event Content Director, Foundry, IDG
Beth Kormanik, Event Content Director, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

11:40am - 12:20pm

Leading Transformation to a Digital Culture: Leveraging AI for Competitiveness

The emergence of generative artificial intelligence in the last year has demonstrated the power of the technology to both the general public and to corporate leaders. As you chart your organization’s AI journey, join us for guidance and insight from the AI expert, tech CEO and investor Ann Marie Sastry. The greatest access to AI tools is via APIs that enable ingestion, analysis and decision-making with business and technical data. Sastry argues that integration of these tools requires careful consideration of infrastructures and adaptations to security and privacy practices that support their use, and training of staff at all levels to promote awareness, respect and desire to leverage data and AI.

Ann Marie Sastry, President & CEO, Amesite

12:20pm - 12:40pm

Live Discussion: AI and the Future of Security

What questions do you have about security and AI? Join us for a real-time, moderated discussion with the AI expert and entrepreneur Ann Marie Sastry that builds on her keynote presentation.

12:40pm - 1:00pm

Is There an Easier Way to Manage and Remediate Risk?

The challenges cybersecurity teams face include budget constraints and competing for talent. On the technology side, there are too many legacy risk tools, increasingly complex infrastructure and applications stacks, and an average of 75 security tools in many companies. The solution starts with visibility gleaned with insight from a single pane of glass. Today’s prevention and remediation now include a high degree of automation and data analytics augmented by AI and machine learning.

Jason Mical, Field Chief Technology Officer, Americas, Rapid7

Interviewed by:

Charles Pelton, Contributing Editor, CIO, CSO, Network World, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

1:00pm - 1:25pm

Exploring the Impact of the SEC’s Cyber-Risk Governance

Public companies will face an additional layer of governance under new guidelines from the Securities and Exchange Commission. What will this look like in practice? And what do CISOs need to know to protect their organizations – as well as themselves? This session will dive into the questions around the impact to businesses, particularly on the board level. If you have a cyber advisor on the board, is that person at greater level of risk than other board members? Would they be a target of the SEC in the event of a breach? What if there’s a difference of opinion between the board and the corporate leader in the seat? Join us to find out.

Keri Pearlson, Executive Director of Cybersecurity, MIT Sloan

Interviewed by:

Greg Barnes, CISO, Highmark Healthcare

1:25pm - 1:50pm

Proactive Cybersecurity: Reduce Your Risk Exposures Before It’s Too Late

With IT environments growing more complex and potential risk exposures more numerous, organizations need to think about using a holistic proactive cybersecurity management platform that brings all cyber-risk exposures to one place. The result? Easier prioritization and reporting as well as an overall culture of trust that benefits both partners and customers.

Michelle Abraham, Research Director, Security & Trust Group, IDC

1:50pm - 2:00pm


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Location: Wassaja Foyer

2:00pm - 2:25pm

Strategies to Tame Today’s Volatile Regulatory Environment

Ever-shifting state, federal, industry and international data privacy laws make regulatory compliance a moving target for all businesses. JCPenney Global Privacy Officer Shaina Varia leads an integrated team of attorneys and technologists who are developing a modular security platform that functions across various jurisdictions. Key advantages of integrating the two disciplines are greater speed and accuracy in responding to changing laws worldwide.

Shaina Varia, Global Privacy Officer, JCPenney

Interviewed by:

Julia King, Contributing Editor, Computerworld/CIO, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

2:25pm - 2:55pm

Getting More or Less from Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance can help mitigate an organization’s exposure to financial and operational risk, but the insurance landscape is shifting significantly. As the frequency and severity of ransomware, phishing, and denial of service attacks have increased, demand for and conditions relating to coverage have evolved. Policies are becoming more diverse and complex, presenting CISOs and their organizations new challenges when it comes to getting the most value from cyber insurance. This panel explores the current state of cyber insurance, why policies may be more difficult to obtain, and helpful strategies for optimal cyber insurance investment.

Lena Smart, CISO, MongoDB

Ed Ventham, Co-Founder, Assured

Andrew Braunberg, Principal Analyst, Omdia

Moderated by:

Michael Hill, Editor, CSO Online

2:55pm - 3:10pm

The Integrated Risk Lifecycle

During the pandemic we experienced an influx of new digital services, rapid transformation and cloud migration take place. This also included influx of assets, BYOD and work from home devices. The ability to see and manage these devices while off network, not connected to VPN raised the risk level across the board. Post-pandemic we see a delicate balance of managing this risk for every organization. The Integrated Risk lifecycle with Tanium and ServiceNow follows a maturity model to bring automation across Operations, Security, and Risk teams to manage and mitigate risk in today’s complex endpoint environment.

Saqib Khan, Director, Technical Account Management, Tanium

How to Prove You Have a Resilient Security Program

CISOs must continuously identify business risks and prove resilience to business disruptors, vulnerable critical assets, and emergent threats. A Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) program has become a must-have tool for CISOs and security leaders to understand risk and test the health of their cyber immune system. Join in to hear how VM, ASM, BAS, and CART have converged to prove and score resilience through exposure data correlation, attack path discovery, and control efficacy testing.

Carolyn Crandall, Chief Security Advocate & CMO, Cymulate

3:10pm - 3:35pm

The Complicated State of InfoSec Talent

While each week seems to bring headlines of layoffs, one seemingly immune field are security jobs. That’s both the good news and the bad news, as companies struggle with hiring for available positions, to the tune of millions of unfilled positions globally. Join us for an up-to-the-minute look at trends in cybersecurity hiring and what we can expect to see in the near future. We’ll also explore innovative ways of building your tech talent pipeline.

Ron Culler, Jr, Vice President, Cyber Development Programs, CompTIA

Interviewed by:

Beth Kormanik, Event Content Director, Foundry, IDG
Beth Kormanik, Event Content Director, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

3:40pm - 3:55pm

Lightning Insights

Location: Palos Verdes Ballroom

Join us for a lively series of 5-minute market insights geared towards solving your biggest challenges.

Managing the Innovation vs. Technical Debt Tug of War, presented by Protiviti

IT Modernization requires a Distinctive, Trusted Experience, presented by Spectrum Enterprise

Build Your Tech Team of the Future Now, presented by Andela

Speed to Modern Technology: Imperatives for Today’s Most Innovative CIOspresented by KPMG

RingCentral in Under 2 Minutes, presented by RingCentral

3:55pm - 4:20pm

Visibility and Vulnerability in the Cloud

Widespread cloud adoption has created security challenges as business struggle with visibility into what clouds they operate in. Business units can stand up a service without going through security, exposing businesses to undue risk. This session will explore observability in the cloud from a networking perspective, including what a good relationship with procurement looks like.

Chris Hughes, CISO & Co-Founder, Aquia, Inc

Interviewed by:

Andrew Flynn, Executive Editor, CSO Online

Always On

Always On Sessions (June 2023)

Backup and Recovery Does Not Mean Cyber Recovery 

Mike Tornincasa, Chief Business Officer, Rubrik

Demo: Watch the Tanium Platform in Action

Orion Hindawi, Founder and Executive Chairman, Tanium

Pain Points: Analyzing the Data Disclosure Layer of Double Extortion Ransomware Attacks

Paul Prudhomme, Head of Threat Intelligence Advisory, Rapid7

The New Paradigm: Cyber Resilience

Torsten George, Cybersecurity Evangelist, Absolute Software

Cymulate Exposure Management & Security Validation

Mike DeNapoli, Director and Cybersecurity Architect, Cymulate, Cymulate

Agenda subject to change.