What’s Happening, and When

11:30am - 12:10pm

Living in the Cloud

Drawing on his book, Cloud Surfing, Tom paints a powerful picture of how The Cloud will change the way we live, work and play. How will The Cloud define your job, your company, how you do business – and innovation? The key is that technology is only a small part of The Cloud. Just as important is the way The Cloud changes the way we collaborate, work, how we are influenced – and how we influence and experience the world. Join Tom as he takes you Cloud Surfing – to better understand how we can respond to this massive change in order to transform ourselves and our businesses!

Tom Koulopoulos, Author, Futurist; Chairman and Founder, Delphi Group

12:10pm - 12:30pm

Live Discussion: Risk, Innovation, Scale and Success

Following his powerful keynote presentation, Tom will answer your questions about innovation and cloud. Where are you on the risk to innovation continuum and how do you know what the right balance is for your organization? What questions should you be asking to determine what people, processes, and tools you need to achieve scale and success at your organization without incurring too much risk? Bring your questions and examples to share for this lively discussion with Tom and your peers.

Tom Koulopoulos, Author, Futurist; Chairman and Founder, Delphi Group

Moderated by:

Anne McCrory, Group Vice President, Customer Experience & Operations, Events, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

12:30pm - 12:55pm

Focus More on Outcomes, Less on IT with Hybrid Cloud

The great digital shift will only accelerate. The winners will be those that resiliently navigate change and create value of their data, make decisions with greater precision and create personalized customer experiences. However, only 1 in 10 are satisfied with the pace and scale of business outcomes inhibited by the lack of skills and growing complexity of IT Estates. In this session, hear how leading business are embracing open hybrid cloud and data lakehouse architectures, anchored in new models of IT consumption, to innovate at scale while controlling risk and costs.

Scott Hebner, Vice President, Marketing, Digital Infrastructure Solutions, IBM

12:55pm - 1:20pm

Data Intelligence: The Foundation for Data Activation

Data in the modern enterprise is highly distributed, diverse, and dynamic. Organizations are evaluating and implementing multiple architectural approaches to activate data for enterprise intelligence. Some are using cloud data warehouses, data lakes, lake houses, fabrics, meshes, and data control planes. Regardless of what architectural approach is used, the foundational element that needs to exist is data intelligence, fueled by metadata. Data intelligence should be the first thing that organizations harvest and curate before deciding where data needs to be, and how it can be utilized in enterprise intelligence use cases.

Stewart Bond, VP, Data Integration and Intelligence Software, IDC

1:20pm - 1:40pm

Live Discussion: Your Data Intelligence Questions Answered

This is your chance to ask questions, share your experiences, and get expert advice about how to strategically think about data intelligence. From data governance, to ownership, to security and privacy, don’t miss this important conversation.

Stewart Bond, VP, Data Integration and Intelligence Software, IDC

Moderated by:

Anne McCrory, Group Vice President, Customer Experience & Operations, Events, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

1:40pm - 2:05pm

Enterprise-wide Strategies for Optimizing Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Infrastructures to Accelerate the Achievement of Business Transformation Objectives

For some time, enterprise technology modernization was associated with cloud migration to support business transformation. That narrative has changed as executives realize that they are likely to operate in a hybrid multi-cloud environment for the foreseeable future…if not permanently.

In this interview with Narayan Bharadwaj, VP Cloud Solutions, VMware we explore how organizations are addressing the strategic, operational, economic and technological imperatives so that enterprises can optimize their modernization strategies and accelerate the achievement of transformation objectives.

Narayan Bharadwaj, VP Cloud Solutions, VMware

Interviewed by:

Lane Cooper, Contributing Editor, CIO, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

2:05pm - 2:30pm

The Most Effective Applications of AI and What to Expect Next

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has accelerated business to a new level to help optimize data driven decisions for the CIO and business leader. From rethinking data and content management, increasing supply chain efficiency to customer personalization, AI has changed the world of business. With large language model AI technology now accelerating business applications, our panel discusses these emerging trends, the most effective applications of AI being used today and what to expect next.

Phil Perkins, Co-Author, The Day Before Digital Transformation

Moderated by:

Lee Rennick - Executive Director at CIO Communities
Lee Rennick, Executive Director, CIO Communities

In the Fast-Track of Being a Data-Driven Enterprise

Novanta, Inc. CIO Sarah Betadam describes how the global supplier of core technology to the medical equipment industry went from having zero company-wide reporting capability to a fully functional data driven enterprise over the course of three years.

Sarah Betadam, CIO, Novanta, Inc.

Interviewed by:

Julia King, Contributing Editor, Computerworld/CIO, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

2:30pm - 2:35pm


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2:35pm - 2:55pm

Security in Today’s Multi-Cloud, Data-Driven World

Over the past few years, business risk and vulnerabilities have grown exponentially. Multi-cloud environments, the speed of change, and increasing complexity require active compliance and risk mitigation policies and guardrails. Customers and employees need strong security services. And as enterprises manage more edge resources, the need and requirements grow more acute. In this session, you’ll learn about IBM’s security framework and approach to help organizations manage cloud and data risk.

Marschal Babin, Americas Public Cloud Security & Compliance Technical Sales Leader, IBM

Interviewed by:

Charles Pelton, Contributing Editor, CIO, CSO, Network World, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

2:55pm - 3:15pm

The Power of Systematic Death Investigation Data Collection and its Ability to Enhance Public Safety

Can strategic data collection save lives? Join this session to hear how The Office of the Chief Coroner (OCC) recently implemented an innovative, fully integrated, data focused, death investigations case management system in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Dive into the power of data collection and hear how this team is using it to influence the enhancement of public safety. This discussion between subject matter experts, working in the field, will focus on how key stakeholders utilize the fact-based death investigation data collected, to drive and enhance public policy, to prevent similar deaths from occurring in the future.  Proving that data can save lives.

Gina Skagos, Executive Officer, Solicitor General – Office of the Chief Coroner
Sandra Parker, Provincial Nurse Manager, Solicitor General – Office of the Chief Coroner

3:15pm - 3:40pm

Maximize Your Cloud Investments by Mastering Governance

As enterprises advance their multicloud strategies, next-generation cloud governance is the new skillset to master.  With the right model and platform for multicloud governance, your organization can get the highest return on your cloud investments, race ahead along the innovation curve, and give your CEO and board the confidence they need that your organization will achieve its digital ambitions. Join CoreStack’s Enterprise Strategist Robert Ford to explore the key aspects of multicloud governance and how to establish a governance platform that will help you deliver true speed and agility.

Robert Ford, VP of Enterprise Strategy, CoreStack

Interviewed by:

John Gallant, Enterprise Consulting Director, Foundry, an IDG Inc. Company

3:40pm - 4:00pm

Choice Hotels’ All-in Cloud Journey to Sustainable Business Value

CIO Brian Kirkland brings a forward-looking sustainability mission to bear on Choice’s cloud-native approach to delivering digital innovations to franchisees and guests alike. In this fast-paced fireside chat, Brian will discuss how Choice Hotels International’s early and big bet on the cloud has allowed it to glean the many benefits of its digital transformation while following through on a strategic commitment to devoting time and energy to a key corporate value – sustainability.

Brian Kirkland, CIO, Choice Hotels

Interviewed by:

Paula Rooney, Senior Writer, CIO, Foundry, an IDG Inc. Company

Cloud Architecture Optimization That Will Bring Value Back to the Business

What can you be doing differently to create cloud technology solutions that return more value? What are cloud providers not telling you? In this session we’ll explore emerging best practices and options for cloud architecture and cloud solution optimization. You will hear why moving some workloads and data sets to more cost-effective platforms, such as repatriating some workloads back to enterprises data centers, might make sense. We’ll explore the ability to define and measure business value, and how to stress test your architecture to ensure that you’re as close as being fully optimized as you should be. If you’re wondering where all that cloud money is going, and how you can save your cloud deployments, this is the session to attend.

David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer, Deloitte Consulting; Contributor, InfoWorld

4:00pm - 4:05pm


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4:05pm - 4:25pm

The State of Cloud-Native Security 2023

In this session, Bob West, Chief Security Officer, Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, will summarize the most important trends from the new The State of Cloud-Native Security 2023 report. You will learn what’s keeping 2,500 of your peers awake at night and gain empirical insights to inform your cloud-native security decisions.

The State of Cloud-Native Security Report is the result of a months-long survey traversing seven countries and five sectors of industry to consult with 2,500 cloud security and DevOps professionals — from chief executives to developers to security technicians — with the goal of identifying pivotal decisions affecting cloud-native development and security outcomes.

Bob West, Chief Security Officer, Prisma Cloud , Palo Alto Networks

4:25pm - 4:50pm

Lightning Insights

Join us for a variety of lightning insights from industry executives.

How to Cloud with Confidence, presented by CoreStack

How VMware Cross-Cloud Services Works: Cloud Infrastructure, presented by VMware

Code to Cloud CNAPP, presented by Prisma Cloud

Design, Build, and Deploy Enterprise Applications and Workflow Automation Solutions Faster on Airkit, presented by Airkit

Modernizing Hybrid Cloud: Application Delivery Resiliency Trendspresented by A10 Networks

Introducing Zero Trust Data Security™, presented by Rubrik

MariaDB SkySQL Cloud Database in Action, presented by MariaDB

4:50pm - 5:05pm

A Cloud-first Operating Model: Creating a Data Driven Culture & Leading With a Digital-first Mindset

Join this fascinating discussion to understand how one company has positioned technology as a foundational component creating new capabilities to deliver for the consumers, their brands, their people, and their stakeholders. Topics will include: factors considered in establishing a multi-cloud operating model; balancing data security with rapid innovation; and developing new ways of working using AI/ML within your organization.

Ashish Parmar, Chief Information Officer, Tapestry
Fabio Luzzi, VP, Data Science and Engineering, Tapestry

Always On

Always On Sessions (June 2023)

Backup and Recovery Does Not Mean Cyber Recovery 

Mike Tornincasa, Chief Business Officer, Rubrik

Demo: Watch the Tanium Platform in Action

Orion Hindawi, Founder and Executive Chairman, Tanium

Pain Points: Analyzing the Data Disclosure Layer of Double Extortion Ransomware Attacks

Paul Prudhomme, Head of Threat Intelligence Advisory, Rapid7

The New Paradigm: Cyber Resilience

Torsten George, Cybersecurity Evangelist, Absolute Software

Cymulate Exposure Management & Security Validation

Mike DeNapoli, Director and Cybersecurity Architect, Cymulate, Cymulate

Agenda subject to change.