CIO’s Future of Cloud & Data Summit

Optimizing Your Strategies for Business Results

April 12, 2023

CIO’s Future of Cloud Summit is today shared the latest strategies and intelligence to accelerate your cloud strategy, build a culture of innovation, and transform your data. Attendees learned how to optimize business results through hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, data lakes, AI & Machine Learning analytics, and more.

They also gained strategies from tech leaders that drove innovation and transformation with secure, scalable cloud and data operations – plus, an inside look at the challenges they faced in their goal to optimize their outcomes.


What Did Attendees Learn?

  • How to modernize cloud and data infrastructure
  • How to reduce cloud and data silos and complexity
  • How to exploit AI, machine learning, and analytics
  • How to drive digital resiliency and sustainable innovation
  • How to improve cloud and data security and compliance
Expert visions on the Future of Cloud

Narayan Bharadwaj

VP Cloud Solutions

Narayan Bharadwaj is Vice President, VMware Cloud Solutions team in the Cloud Infrastructure Business Group. He leads the Cloud Solutions product management, engineering, and program management functions for Public Cloud, Local Cloud and Hybrid Cloud areas. These include public cloud services such as VMware Cloud on AWS, and our partner SDDC based services with Azure, Google, Oracle, and Alibaba Cloud.

Narayan also leads our Local Cloud areas with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts, and partner SDDC-based services with Dell Apex Cloud. Prior to VMware, Narayan led technology product management at, ClearStory Data, and Oracle. Narayan is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, the University of Maryland, and the Berkeley Haas School of Business.

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Sarah Betadam

Novanta, Inc.

Stewart Bond

VP, Data Integration and Intelligence Software

Brian Kirkland

Choice Hotels

Tom Koulopoulos

Futurist; Chairman and Founder, Delphi Group

David Linthicum

Chief Cloud Strategy Officer
Deloitte Consulting; Contributor, InfoWorld

Fabio Luzzi

VP, Data Science and Engineering

Sandra Parker

Provincial Nurse Manager
Solicitor General – Office of the Chief Coroner

Ashish Parmar

Chief Information Officer

Phil Perkins

The Day Before Digital Transformation

Gina Skagos

Executive Officer
Solicitor General – Office of the Chief Coroner


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April 12, 2023