Yogesh Gupta

Executive Editor
IDG India

Yogesh Gupta is the executive editor at IDG, the world’s leading technology media, data and marketing services conglomerate. He leads the editorial for digital content and events (physical and virtual) since fourteen years for IDG brands CIO, CSO and ComputerWorld in India.

A keynote speaker, an events host and a storyteller, Yogesh for over a decade has been networking and engaging with the tech-savvy readers’ audience of CIOs, CSOs, CDOs ITDMs and technology OEMs through research surveys, exclusive articles and industry events. A knowledge navigator of business blueprint, management roles and leadership tactics of IT industry, he was recognized as the most influential or ‘star B2B editor’ in 2019 from an elite list of 26 editors across IDG’s globally.

With over 18 years’ plus experience in the media Industry, he kick-started his journalism career with The Times of India in 2003. A Computer Engineering graduate from Mumbai University, Yogesh tweets from @yogsyogi1