Vidya Srinivasan

Senior Vice President of Risk and Infrastructure

Vidya Srinivasan serves as Senior Vice President of Risk and Infrastructure at Genpact. Her role is critical to ensuring that Genpact’s risk posture is maintained both on delivery side as well as corporate posture on emerging risks. Even more important, she is overseeing the company’s information security efforts to drive the utmost compliance and industry standards given Genpact’ s large employee and client base around the world.

Her current role focusses on InfoSec risk, investment as well as Board level engagement on InfoSec and emerging risks. Her role in infrastructure looks at location strategy, emerging work models and  future of work aspects with the business teams. Vidya has 29+ years of corporate leadership experience and has held several key roles within Genpact, including that of Senior Legal Counsel. She has seen the company evolve since its inception and has played a leading role in building strong processes based on the company’s commitment to integrity, compliance, controllership, data security and information technology.

Vidya worked with American Express and Ballarpur Industries prior to joining Genpact. She received her J.D. degree from the Campus Law Center, Delhi University. She has been a speaker and participant at conferences of Gartner, Oracle (APAC) and Cisco and also elected as a member of the NASSCOM Executive Council.