Trish Dyl

Director of Corporate Training & Cyber Range
Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst Ryerson University

As the Director of Corporate Training and Cyber Range, Trish works to explore synergies and drive collaborations between the private and public sectors that help organizations to capitalize on opportunities and tackle challenges in cybersecurity. Trish leads the Catalyst Cyber Range, which brings experiential learning to companies, organizations and students, honing cybersecurity skills and increasing performance in the workplace. She also fosters strategic partnerships within the Canadian cybersecurity sector and the broader community to advance the Catalyst’s goal of bringing cybersecurity awareness to people and organizations alike. Trish is a strategic and analytical thinker who has spent her career building compelling and long-lasting relationships with diverse stakeholders.

Prior to joining the Catalyst, Trish spent over 20 years as a public affairs leader with the Government of Ontario. Trish served as the Director of Investor Services with the Ontario Investment Office where she drove the growth of high-value foreign direct investment into Ontario by fostering investor relationships with all levels of governments and across supply chains. Prior to that, Trish served as the Director of Operations and Policy to several Deputies in the Ministry of Economic Development.