Stuart Hughes

Chief Information & Digital Officer
Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace

Stuart’s current role is Chief Information and Digital Officer at Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace where he sits as part of the business leadership team. As well as leading the delivery of the more traditional IT functions Stuart’s team build the digital products and services that underpin its physical engine as part of the Rolls-Royce Intelligent Engine Vision. Stuart’s teams build these products and services using the very latest cloud technologies and data analytics capabilities to ensure Rolls-Royce maximise the availability of its engines for its customer avoiding unplanned maintenance whilst optimising the maintenance forecasting and planning to minimise customer disruption and ensure we have the right parts, in the right location in the most environmentally sustainable way.

Stuart’s goal is to create a culture and environment for every member of his team to thrive giving each of them the opportunities he had in his career.

A seasoned CIO with experience in many of the UK hot start-ups and dot.coms, Stuart refers to himself as an “ex developer frustrated by management not creating the conditions for innovation and success” so he decided to try for himself. He believes in creating a culture with purpose built on mastery, autonomy, bravery, and play. He leads Technology teams that solve complex problems at large scale and achieve great results together.

Stuart has a proven track record of using Agile/Lean/DevOps software development practices to shorten time to market, deliver value faster and to increase project quality and architectural excellence.

Most importantly Stuart enjoys leading teams to achieve their goals and coaching people to achieve their ambitions.