Sourabh Satish

CTO & Co-Founder
Pangea Cyber

Sourabh Satish is a serial entrepreneur and has a long-standing accomplished career in Cyber Security. During his 25+ years of working in the security industry, Sourabh has designed and implemented many ground-breaking security products and technologies. He is a prolific innovator with more than 225 issued patents and many pending. As CTO and Co-Founder at Pangea, Sourabh is leading an engineering team of talented and passionate engineers who are building state of the art cloud native, SPaaS(Security Platform as a Service) that enables developers to embed security in the applications and expedite time to market. Prior to founding Pangea, Sourabh was the Co-founder and CTO for Phantom Cyber, which was acquired by Splunk in 2018, just three years after founding. There, he architected and implemented much of the product, Phantom, a category-defining and industry-leading product for SOAR (Security Orchestration and Automation). Prior to Phantom Cyber, Sourabh was a Distinguished Engineer at Symantec, where he developed a wide range of security products and technologies. Today Sourabh is also an advisor to many security startups in the industry.