Robert Stretz

VP of IT Infrastructure

As the VP of IT Infrastructure for Aquent, a global leader in marketing and creative professional services, Rob has been leading and evolving Aquent’s technology journey for over 20 years.  Early to the cloud in 2010, Rob lead digital transformation through envisioning and executing virtualization, private and hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud strategies.

With a degree in Computer Science at the University of Washington, Rob’s technology journey started in middle school with a TRS80 and has progressed in lock step with rapidly evolving technology to the current state of Iaas, PaaS, SaaS, etc.  Rob has a particular passion for IT leadership and culture to rally a team to think big and stretch themselves beyond their beliefs to accomplish great things.

In his free time Rob is an avid ultra trail-runner, a Titanium member of Marathon Maniacs, and loves spending time with his family in Seattle, WA.