Prof. Helge Janicke

Deputy CEO and Research Director
Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre

Professor Helge Janicke is the Deputy CEO and Research Director of the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre. He is affiliated with Edith Cowan University where he leads ECU’s Security Research Institute.  Helge holds a visiting Professorship in Cyber Security at De Montfort University (DMU), UK. His research interests are in the area of cyber security, in particular with applications in critical infrastructures using cyber-physical systems, SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.  His current research investigates the application of Agile Techniques and Human-AI Teaming for Cyber Incident Response in Critical Infrastructure, the use of Digital Twins for Cybersecurity applications, Managing Human Errors that lead to Cyber Incidents, and research on Cyber warfare and Cyber peacekeeping. Prof. Janicke established DMU’s Cyber Technology Institute and its Airbus Centre of Excellence in SCADA Cyber Security and Forensics Research.  He was the Head of School of Computer Science at DMU before taking up his current position. He founded the International Symposium on Industrial Control System Cyber Security Research (ICS-CSR) and has contributed more than 150 peer reviewed articles and conference papers to the field from his collaborative research with a wide range of industry partners across the UK and Australia.