Phillip Silitschanu

Research Director, Worldwide Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT, & Web3 Strategies

Phillip Silitschanu is the Research Director for IDC Financial Insights responsible for Worldwide Blockchain, Crypto and NFT Strategies. Mr. Silitschanu’s core research coverage includes Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and NFT across all industries, globally. Notably in financial services, government, supply chain, institutional, art, collectibles, and intellectual property; in addition to related regulatory topics.

Mr. Silitschanu is also a member of the Board of Advisors of the International Due Diligence Organization. He been involved in Blockchain and Crypto since 2013, writing his first white paper on the subject in 2014, and has spoken at many Blockchain and Crypto conferences, including developing a Blockchain / DeFi conference in NYC. He has also produced numerous further white papers on the use of Blockchain in financial services, as well as numerous consulting engagements for research firms and financial services firms. He joined a Blockchain / STO start-up, which was acquired by a VC firm, prior to joining IDC.