Moudy Elbayadi


Dr. Moudy Elbayadi is an executive leader, technical advisor and best-selling author. As a seasoned executive, he has a track record of accelerating growth for organizations and leveraging market insights to inform strategy, corporate development, and product and technology initiatives.

In his current role as chief technology officer of Shutterfly, Dr. Elbayadi is leading the company’s technology platform transformation, overseeing product, cybersecurity, software development, information technology operations, and research and development for machine learning. Previously, Dr. Elbayadi held leadership positions at top solution providers, such as Brain Corp, LifeLock, Symantec, and Intuit, and at client-side banking roles, such as IndyMac Bank and Bank of America.

As an advisor, Dr. Elbayadi offers guidance about strategies for public cloud, platform integration and mergers and acquisitions to companies with revenues ranging from $10M to $2B. He also advises venture capital firms on technology and prospective investments.

Dr. Elbayadi holds a doctorate in leadership and change from Antioch University, a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Chapman University, and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Redlands. In 2021, he co-authored “Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone.