MJ Petroni

CEO & Cyborg Anthropologist
Causeit, Inc

MJ Petroni is a translator of trends, provocateur of new ways of thinking and guardian of values. He draws from his experience with startups and digital businesses, global travel, and research to create compelling narratives of our future which catalyze innovation for top teams at global companies, organizations and governments.  MJ studies large shifts and finds the stories that validate them. Through curation of discoveries from around the world and his own publishing, he catalyzes conversation about the future and builds innovations needed today. MJ combines the passion of an entrepreneur, the informed optimism of a futurist and the can-do generalism of a digital native to produce results at the intersection of humans and technology.

A world traveler, MJ combines the rigor of traditional education with organic discovery, extensive practice and self-taught, just-in-time learning. Formally educated in Cyborg Anthropology (the study of humans and technology) at Lewis & Clark College, MJ went on to become a business innovator, producing results in the midst of recessionary forces pulling towards normalcy.

An experiential learner, MJ combines scrappy entrepreneurism and a respect for the power of institutions for an unusual blend of corporate scale and startup agility across continents. His focus on the technology, financial, social impact and diversity practices of world-class organizations made for several major leaps in reach, giving MJ access to learning from cutting-edge research and dialogues with top thought leaders to develop a grounded view of our possible futures.

The author of Causeit’s digitalfluency.guide, MJ’s work focuses on raising the lowest common denominator of Digital Fluency for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Since founding Causeit, Inc. in 2006, MJ has shifted thinking for hundreds of global enterprises, including NTT, Accenture, Volkswagen, the Gates Foundation, SWIFT, and several major financial and media companies, raising Digital Fluency among hundreds of thousands of professionals.

MJ sits on the Accenture Tech Vision Advisory Board and is a faculty member at Singularity University.