Mishu Rahman

Head of Cyber Strategy
BNP Paribas

Mishu believes Cyber Security is a global imperative and dependent on conducive private and public sector partnership, receptive legislation, investment in R&D (e.g., AI, Quantum), and commitment to STEM such as “Scholarship For Service” to nurture the next generation of leaders.

Mishu is the Head of Cyber Strategy, Business Risk, Board Governance, and Regulation at BNP Paribas, a global financial juggernaut. As a transformational executive, he is shaping business growth through harmonized IT and IS operations, tactful AI, cloud, and digital infusion, organizational agility, adaptive threat management, and crucial talent development.

Prior to that, Mishu had the privilege of leading $100M+ digital transformations and securing the world’s biggest and most sensitive data treasure chest as nonpolitical staffer under two US Presidents at The White House. Mishu co-managed $90B/year IT investment (e.g., FinTech, HealthTech) including $9B/year for Cyber shaping ROI for 330M Americans as shareholders and delivering world class digital experience as customers. He understands what’s at stake and cross sector challenges, having managed the data, investment, and policy flow between government and industry. A distinct perspective drawn from national AI, Cyber, and Digital strategy driving CX-driven innovative G2B, G2C products and services for 330 million customers, across diverse LoBs weaving the fabric of society (U.S. Small Business, Commerce, Treasury, Healthcare), powered by 3.4M global talent-force and $575B supply chain, with operations in 180 countries.

Mishu appreciates that necessary capacity building must sync and follow innovation strategy. He steered the $50B, shared service initiative, underpinning worldwide modernization (mix of cloud, cybersecurity, network, managed services solutions) resulting $20M/month in savings and enhanced business agility, guiding dozens of Group CIOs and CISOs to align, design, and transition each unique LoB to a secure, future ready tech-stack. Doing so by balancing risk and opportunity, threading business strategy, bridging the risk-value proposition gap, and influencing LOB C-Suites and Board.

Before that, Mishu held broad roles through management consulting, technical, and IT leadership across global organizations, delivering business edge by infusing emerging technology and security. His ability to champion uniquely scaled and complex business innovation isn’t newfound. He began his career engineering next-generation secure multi-billion dollars technologies (e.g., space and ground systems) deployed worldwide, partnering with multiple nations.

Mishu has a strong sense of mission, business acumen with outcome accountability. His understanding of geopolitical forces at play behind cyber-attacks across sectors, tactical tradecraft from national security, and technical rooting helps navigate policy, business strategy and technology immersion tradeoffs. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Virginia Tech.