Melanie Kalmar

Corporate VP, CDO & CIO

Passionate leader about reimagining business through IT for over 30 years.
As an IT and digital leader, I understand the importance of keywords. So what better way to introduce myself and describe my work and passions than with a few strategic keywords.

Original. I think back to the many times in my career, including college, when I was the only woman in the room, so I know what it’s like to be one of the first, original woman leaders in the IT space. I’ve always known what I’m good at, and with hard work and perseverance, I thought I could make a difference.

Authentic. I’ve always tried to stay grounded by being my authentic self and staying true to my values and dreams.

Advocate. Today, I’m a passionate advocate for STEM careers, mentorship and women in technology. I serve as an advisory board member of the Michigan Council for Women in Technology, and I’m a member of the Dean’s Council for Central Michigan University School of Business.

Inclusive. I’m also focused on driving my company’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy as a member of the President’s Inclusion Council and executive sponsor for PRIME, the employee resource group focused on engaging our 50+ population.
Animal Lover. I’m an unapologetic animal lover, a supporter of the Humane Society and a strong advocate for animal rescue.

Grateful. I’ve spent my entire career with Dow, and I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to grow, learn, explore and lead in the exciting fields of information technology and digitalization.