Mary Johnston Turner

Research VP, Future of Digital Infrastructure

Mary Johnston Turner is Research Vice President Future of Digital Infrastructure, part of IDC’s Future Enterprise research team. She analyzes how Enterprise IT and business strategies are taking advantage of ubiquitous, autonomous cloud infrastructure solutions deployed across dedicated data center and shared public service environments. Her practice emphasizes the voice of the Enterprise customer, based on surveys and in-depth analysis of best practices related to how Enterprises are changing the ways they source, secure, and optimize digital infrastructure solutions. Her research emphasizes consideration of how pay-as-you-go consumption-based subscriptions, cross-cloud control planes, and collaborative enterprise infrastructure governance models are enabling Enterprises to better align infrastructure investments with critical business outcomes and innovation priorities.

Ms. Turner is a long-time industry veteran who has worked at a range of analyst and vendor firms.  She most recently re-joined IDC after a stint as Director of Management Software Evangelism at Red Hat, Inc., where she advised senior enterprise IT and DevOps decision makers on topics related to cloud management, automation, and IT Ops analytics. She has previously served as an analyst at Summit Strategies (acquired by Ovum) and Yankee Group and as a digital strategy consultant at boutique IT strategy and advisory organizations.