Marty Brodbeck


Martin (Marty) Brodbeck joined Priceline as Chief Technology Officer in 2019.Marty is responsible for all product engineering , infrastructure and technology operations for Priceline.  Marty brings more than 20 years’ worth of experience to Priceline, having led technology teams within the digital commerce, financial, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer products, and media industries. Over his career, he has led companies through mobile, cloud, big data, cyber security, infrastructure, content and product engineering changes that have driven new revenue, costs savings and productivity gains across enterprise companies.

Prior to Priceline, Marty was CTO at Shutterstock. where he oversaw product engineering, infrastructure mobile, data and security. Marty helped transform the company’s product technology platform and architecture enabling the company to accelerate growth across its e-commerce business. Prior to Shutterstock, Marty served as Chief Technology Officer of Sterling Talent Solutions, where he drove all product engineering, infrastructure, security and operations functions. He led the company to a successful sale to Goldman Sachs Private Equity . He also served as CTO of Pearson PLC, where he helped transform the company from a traditional print publisher to a technology-led digital business. He was also SVO and CTO at Diageo, as well as Chief Architect and CTO for Worldwide Technology Engineering at Pfizer.

Martin holds a BA from the University of Richmond and an MS from the Stevens Institute of Technology. He lives in Armonk, NY, with his wife Blakely and his children Connor and Charlotte.