Lookman Fazal

Chief Information & Digital Officer
NJ Transit

Lookman Fazal is a senior IT executive who specializes in building high-performance teams that work together to drive and implement the vision and strategic goals of the business.
He has been responsible for delivering large-scale information technology initiatives with a focus on increasing investments and creating fiscal solvency. Lookman has implemented digital transformations that include onboarding top-tier talent and utilizing innovative IT processes across multiple platforms to rebuild the customer experience for a modern age.
With over 25 years of executive management experience, Lookman has consistently driven change by teaming with his business partners to rapidly deploy cutting-edge technology strategies.

As a visionary in his field, Lookman follows the management philosophy of servant leadership, which puts service to his team and the humans who rely on the technology services he provides, at the forefront of every executive decision. He aims to influence the next generation of IT leaders by actively coaching, mentoring, and encouraging his staff to continually grow, learn, and expand their skills beyond their comfort zones. Lookman firmly believes in technology’s ability to create a positive influence on the world and change lives for the better; and continues to build forward-thinking IT strategies with this goal in mind.