Katie Webb

Director of U.S. Innovation

Katie Webb is Director of U.S. Innovation at Aflac. She oversees the company’s Digital Accelerator and Incubator, Hatch, which delivers experience-driven technology solutions focused on solving large-scale problems for businesses and customers.

She joined Aflac in 2013 and leads the U.S. value creation strategy to identify key initiatives that will transform the company while delivering on its five-year financial targets. She is a results-driven strategic innovator who has crafted a successful career in problem finding, creating charter and purpose, and being a disruptor. Her diverse career background spans sales, marketing, business strategy, customer experience and technology.

Katie is passionate about bringing people together who believe there is a better way and giving them the freedom, support and leadership to drive meaningful change. She is a big believer in building systems and relationships to achieve success.

Katie has received industry recognitions including CIO 100 Award for 2022.

Katie earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Auburn University and a Master of Business Administration from Troy University.