Jessica Groopman

Founding Partner
Kaleido Insights

Jessica Groopman is an industry analyst and founding partner of Kaleido Insights, San Francisco-based technology research firm. Trained in anthropology, Jessica specializes in human, business, and societal impacts of emerging technologies. Her recent coverage areas include regenerative business and sustainability in digital transformation, digital inclusion and DEI, Web3 and blockchain, and AI/machine learning. Jessica works with organizations internationally, supporting strategic advisory, digital transformation, and research across several industry verticals. She has advised numerous companies including Coca-Cola, AARP, Technicolor, Pandora, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, among many others.
Jessica is a recognized speaker at emerging technology industry events, and co-host of the Hype Hazard podcast. She advises several start-ups, and is a frequent media contributor. She has also served as contributing member of the International IoT Council, the IEEE’s Internet of Things Group, IoT Guru Network and other industry advisory boards. Jessica was also included in Onalytica’s list of the 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders in IoT.
Jessica has authored over 40 reports and contributed to several books. She has been principal analyst with Tractica where she contributed to its automation and robotics practice, served as research director and principal analyst with Harbor Research, and as an industry analyst with Altimeter Group. Earlier, she led research at Focus Research. Before she worked in business and technology research, Jessica’s research experience was based mostly in academic anthropological fieldwork, specifically in ethnographic, linguistic, and archaeological research both in the United States and abroad.