Jedidiah Yueh - Founder and CEO at Delphix

Jed Yueh

Founder and CEO

Jedidiah Yueh has led two waves of disruption in data management. First, as the founding CEO of Avamar (sold to EMC in 2006 for $165M), he pioneered data de-duplication and shipped one of the leading products in data backup and recovery, with over 20,000 customers and $5B in cumulative sales.

After Avamar, Jed founded Delphix, which accelerates digital transformation for over 25% of the Global 100 with its API-first data platform, surpassing $100 million in ARR. In 2013, the San Francisco Business Times named Jed CEO of the Year.

Jed Yueh is the bestselling author of Disrupt or Die, a book that refutes conventional ideas on innovation with proven frameworks from Silicon Valley. After George H. Bush designated him as a US Presidential Scholar, Jed graduated Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude from Harvard, all while working three jobs, including teaching at a local high school.