Hassan Khan

Co-Founder & CEO

Hassan Khan is co-founder and CEO of TODAQ, a deep tech cryptography company, and has been working and leading organizations over 25 years at intersection of crypto, cyber, business and finance. In his current role he has been focused on how to push disruptive technology and needed governance changes at scale to address the growing challenges of cyber-attacks, ransomware and financial inclusion. This requires a mindset and technology shift in how we think about and implement authentication and self-sovereign identity, authorization, and peer-to-peer payments between computational systems using digital bearer cash.

Previously, Hassan founded and led Quantius Inc. a fintech IP based commercial lender, whose team and platform now run the BDC National IP Innovation Fund. He spent years as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, where he served F500 clients across finance and the knowledge based sectors, typically around growth in emerging markets. Hassan is also a veteran and retired major with 14 years of Canadian Army experience and is a computer engineering graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada.