Eric Cardinal

Expert Cyber Risk Architect
Delta Dental California

Eric Cardinal currently serves at Delta Dental of California as an Expert Cyber Risk Architect, where his expertise is channeled into researching, designing, and developing enterprise technologies, architectures, and security products. Entrusted with the vital role of ensuring a robust security posture, Eric’s vast responsibilities span from overseeing security assets, refining cyber risk reduction strategies, to ensuring the seamless integration of new cybersecurity technologies. This role emphasizes understanding the flow of data and the ever-evolving security threats that loom over it. Eric liaises with security experts, application developers, and various functional architects, ensuring that DDC remains ahead of emerging security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. Before his journey at DDC, Eric served at HealthStream for a decade, where he honed his expertise in application security architecture. He was instrumental in formulating HealthStream’s security frameworks and laid the foundation for their secure coding education program, integrating security tools and concepts into their software development lifecycle. With over 20 years spent as a developer and architect in industries such as defense, law enforcement, and healthcare. This experience in different industries makes him adept at understanding diverse security requirements and challenges. His history is further accentuated by his academic background, having earned a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida.

Throughout his career, Eric has remained committed to elevating security standards, ensuring data integrity, and leveraging his vast experience to foster a safer digital ecosystem.