Dennis Legori

Associate Director – Security Awareness & Digital Communications

Dennis Legori has been involved in Security Awareness since 2013 and has built and led global security awareness programs at Total System Services (fintech) and Carrier (manufacturing and technology).

Legori’s areas of specialization include phishing simulations, gamification, digital transformation, and user engagement. Carrier’s Security Awareness program was built in early 2020 during the COVID pandemic, following Carrier’s spinoff from United Technologies. Responsible for protecting more than 60,000 users worldwide, the program has received numerous industry awards including the CSO50 award in 2021, three KnowBe4 Awards (for Best User Story, Best Phishing template, and Best Landing Page), the CSO50 Award for the Enterprise Defender’s Program in 2022, and the CSO50 Award for the Effectiveness of Phishing Competitions in 2023.

Legori holds a master’s degree in business administration from Southern Illinois University and a master’s degree in public administration from Kerala University.