Chris Plescia

Chief Technology Evangelist

Recognized as a forward-thinking people leader and transformation agent with over 33 years of experience, Chris is best known for his passion, energy, and ability to move organizations forward through technical innovation, breakthrough thinking and game changing solutions. He is a demonstrated multidisciplinary global executive who brings transformational, large-scale initiatives across a variety of industries.

Chris inspires his teams to think, believe and deliver beyond expectations of what others know to be possible. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to relate, listen and connect the dots so everyone can understand, engage, and truly own the result.

Chris has held senior leadership positions in Technology, Operations and Product leadership at Nationwide, AIG, Lbrands, and AAA. In each of these roles, Chris was often viewed as a collaboration visionary; connecting workforce generations and making things happen.

As his career has brought new learnings, challenges, and opportunities to stretch, grow, and deliver, Chris has always prioritized people first. “By building strong diverse teams, we’ve been able deliver and enable complete shifts in the way organizations work, communicate, engage and improve productivity.”

No challenge is too great, no wall is too high, and with engaged and motivated people, anything is possible!