Cheryl Cran

Founder of NextMapping - Future of Work Expert

Cheryl Cran is the founder of NextMapping/ and the CEO of parent company Synthesis at Work Inc. Recognized as the #1 Future of Work influencer by Onalytica and GoCatalant placed her in the top ten future of work influencers, she is the author of 10 books including NextMapping™ — How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Create the Future of Work.

Other book titles include The Art of Change Leadership — Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced-World (Wiley 2015), 101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work (2010) and other books on the ultimate leadership skills needed to be future of work ready. Her new book, called Super Crucial Human – The Next Needs You!, is focused on why the future requires MORE people not less and that the continued worker shortage means we will need more people to be skilled and ready to take on fast pace change. The book is also focused on how we all need to be ‘better humans’ in order to create the next renaissance we are about to enter.

Cheryl’s future of work thought leadership has been featured in publications such as Huff Post, Forbes, IABC Magazine, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Law Magazine, Metro New York, Entrepreneur Magazine, Readers Digest, CBS Online, NBC Online, Fox Online and more.

For over two decades Cheryl has built a reputation for delivering extraordinary value to clients that include Amazon, Upwork, State Farm, Astra Zeneca, TD Bank, Bank of America, Manulife, Nationwide, Freelancer, as well as mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs in industries that include technology, health, agriculture, finance, insurance and more.

NextMappingwas developed as a proprietary business solution brand that encompasses all of Cheryl’s work and research on the future of work and the leadership needed to navigate change in the workplace. It’s time to not just hear about the future but to use NextMappingto get there! Her new podcast is titled, “NextNow” and is a weekly podcast on future of being human, future of work and future of ‘all’ things including social change, leadership change and more.

Technology in the workplace must be used to prepare for the future with a focus on how technology can enhance outcomes for people.

The common theme of all of Cheryl’s life’s work is a ‘people first’ and digital second approach to create a more human future, helping companies to build the leadership capacity needed to ‘change the world through business.’