Azadeh Moghtaderi

Vice President of Data

Azadeh’s team is responsible for developing analytical, statistical and machine learning solutions to support Coursera’s business across all of its product offerings. Azadeh was born in Isfahan, Iran. She finished her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering in Iran before moving to Canada for graduate studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Azadeh holds a Ph.D. in Statistics; her academic research was focused on developing estimation and prediction algorithms for non-stationary time series data. After completing her Ph.D, Azadeh held postdoctoral research positions at ENS de Lyon in France and Queen’s University in Canada. Prior to joining Coursera, Azadeh worked at eBay and then Ancestry. During her time at eBay and Ancestry, Azadeh worked on and led a large number of Data Science and Analytics projects involving statistical and machine learning techniques. These projects covered the domains of recommendation, personalization, computer vision, NLP, anomaly detection, fraud detection, optimization, business ML, and much more.