Amy McWhirter

CIO's Future of Cloud Summit

Professional emcee, host and presenter Amy McWhirter brings soul and a deeply human connection to events and screen. With warm, energetic authenticity, Amy connects audiences to the heart of messaging and inspiration on-camera and at virtual, hybrid, and live in-person events.

Amy understands communication from the inside out, with years of experience as a video producer, scriptwriter, live MC, virtual emcee, corporate presenter, hybrid event host and on-camera & TV host. She invites audiences and speakers alike to engage and be seen, heard and appreciated, facilitating with passion and compassion, listening and reacting in real-time to every detail of their collaborative experience. Industry specialties include technology, healthcare, manufacturing, finance and defense, and her years of experience as a corporate presenter representing major companies is an asset to event planners. Amy makes complex or technical material relatable and conversational, and improvises with humor and grace.

She’s a super quick study with a Bachelor of Science pre-med with Honors from University of Michigan.

Her energetic, joyful presence, natural style, laser in-the-moment focus, quick thinking, interview skills, and cohesive summaries create continuity, drive deeper engagement
and amplify messaging so that audiences come away with rich value and are inspired, energized and ready to connect and act.