Amita Potnis

Former Research Director
Future of Trust, IDC

Amita Potnis is the global lead IDC’s Future of Trust research practice. In this role, Amita is responsible for leading the development of IDC’s global thought leadership research around the growing influence of security, privacy, GRC, social responsibility and ethics that contribute to organizational Trust. Her research focuses on global  trends that can measure, enhance, and amplify Trust.

In her research, she focuses on how C-level and senior leaders of any organization strive to build organizational Trust and use it as a competitive differentiator and growth accelerator. She continues to dispel the notion and common myth that cybersecurity alone defines organizational Trust. Her research therefore is multi-faceted and therefore looks at various topics such as customer success, environment sustainability, the complexity of regulatory compliance and increased need for privacy, etc. She also looks at how businesses vet their partners and providers ecosystem on Trust metrics.

Amita is a frequent speaker at events domestically and internationally and is often sought out for the expertise and insight she delivers on Trust. Amita has been quoted by various news agencies including the Wall Street Journal.