Alok Pareek

Founder and EVP of Product

Alok Pareek is Founder and head of engineering at Striim, a Palo Alto based software infrastructure startup. Alok started his career as a developer in the Oracle kernel development team where he contributed on core redo generation, point in time recovery, and high-speed data movement algorithms for ten years.

Subsequently, Alok served as CTO and software architect at GoldenGate software, the industry leader in logical database replication. GoldenGate was acquired by Oracle in 2009. Post-acquisition, Alok led the product strategy for Oracle’s data integration software product portfolio including GoldenGate. Alok also led the engineering and performance teams that collaborated with strategic customers on architecture, and real-world implementations.

He holds multiple patents in data management and has presented at numerous academic and industry conferences. Alok holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.