Alex Gruber

VP, Product Management

Alex Gruber joined Vonage in 2014 as Director of Product Management, where he oversaw
mobile apps across business units and spearheaded the relaunch of Vonage Business
Communications (VBC) core platform. In 2019, he was promoted to lead the UCaaS Product
Team. In his current role, Gruber is focused on growing the VBC product line, extending it into
new markets and growing the product team.

Gruber brings a unique blend of knowledge in technology, business and user experience. With a
proven track record of delivering growth, he has more than 20 years of experience leading
product teams and bringing products from concept to scale.

Prior to joining Vonage, Gruber held leadership positions with SigmaCare (now MatrixCare) and
co-founded two ad-tech and eCommerce companies.

Gruber has a Computer Science Degree from New York Institute of Technology and holds a
patent for Method, Apparatus and System for Establishing a Real-Time Telecommunication
Session that covers the concept of establishing a real-time telecommunication session (i.e., a
conference call) without the need for authentication codes.