Roundtables OLD 2021

Roundtables OLD 2021

IDG Virtual Roundtables:
Small in Size, Large in Impact

Our live roundtables offer IT executives a convenient, cost-effective way to connect and learn from solution providers, industry experts, and peers in a lively discussion led by an IDG Senior Editor. Attendance is limited (6-8 participants). Each session takes a deep dive into a vital topic and lasts one hour. The platform lets you participate on any digital device. No recording or viewing later.

Interested in Attending? 

Don’t miss the opportunity for connection and in-depth conversation. IDG virtual roundtables deliver:

  • An hour-long, live, private discussion with senior IT leaders, all sharing similar challenges (no recording, no viewing later)
  • Skilled moderation by an IDG Editor who will elicit valuable insights and actionable solutions
  • Interactive Q&A and polling
  • Ability to continue the conversation with other participants after the session
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