Event Date: October 19

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The event starts at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 PST.

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1:00 - 1:45 PM

The Digital Future, Powered by Edge and 5G

Jaimy Szymanski, Digital Transformation Authority & Founder of Kaleido Insights

We’re on the cusp of an era where edge computing and 5G will smash through decades-old barriers of technology latency and open the door to an intelligent ecosystem of connected devices. This presents ambitious organizations with the opportunity to upgrade employee and customer experiences alike. In her keynote, analyst Jaimy Szymanski will detail the exciting implementations of edge and 5G that are on the horizon in retail, manufacturing, media, healthcare, transportation, and smart cities — zeroing in on the impacts that technology leaders must consider in planning and implementing pilots with the goal to scale.

1:45-2:10 PM

Edge Computing is the Answer When Milliseconds Matter

Ed McLaughlin, President, Operations & Technology, Mastercard

With 2.5 billion consumer accounts, Mastercard processes 75 billion transactions per year. To speed transactions, protect consumers and combat fraud, they leverage edge computing to analyze 1.2 billion transactions per day, or 65,000 transactions per second, or 50 milliseconds per transaction. Join us to learn how computing at the edge delivers benefits across speed, resilience, security, and privacy — and why localization has become critical to their platform.

Interviewed by: Derek Hulitzky VP, Content Development & Strategy, IDG Communications, Inc.

2:10-2:35 PM

Building on the Foundations of Open Source for Edge Computing

Rob High, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, IBM Edge Computing, IBM

Production quality, asset monitoring, inventory management, and autonomous navigation are just a few examples of solutions that benefit from edge computing. To unlock those kinds of value, organizations need to create a common and ubiquitous approach to managing those environments – whether they’re from providers of infrastructure, networks, clouds, applications, or systems integration. Join us to learn how the Linux Foundation Edge (LFEdge) program was created with that goal in mind, and how the Open Horizon project was created to enable a consistent and scalable approach to managing edge deployments.

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2:35-2:55 PM

Hiring and Teambuilding Strategies for IT Leaders

In a competitive labor market and in the face of the so-called “great resignation,” recruiting and retaining a talented IT workforce is a top priority. Join Ed McLaughlin, President, Operations & Technology at Mastercard, for an interactive discussion on finding great talent and building a team. Bring your questions and advice to share.

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2:55- 3:20 PM

How Edge Devices Speed Data to Meet Customer Needs

Deb Hall Lefevre, EVP & CTO, Alimentation Couche-Tard / Circle K

With 15,000 sites in 26 countries, Alimentation Couche-Tard is a global leader in the convenience retail sector by operating the brands Couche-Tard, Circle K and Ingo with food, hot and cold beverages, road transportation fueling, and electric vehicle charging. What’s not so visible is the volume of data traveling throughout stores from IoT sensors, point-of-sale systems and edge devices that speed data with reliability. Join us to hear how this fuels a data engine that ensures products are available to meet consumer demand.

Interviewed by: Derek Hulitzky, VP, Content Development & Strategy, IDG Communications, Inc.

3:20 - 3:40 PM

Better, Faster Decisions with Effective Edge Management

Rob High, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, IBM Edge Computing, IBM

Building on Rob’s earlier keynote, this discussion will more deeply touch on the role of AI at the edge, offer additional use cases, and examine the relationship between effective edge management and business outcomes. Rob predicts which business sectors – in addition to industrial, logistics, agricultural, mining, retail and services – are poised for a revolution in edge computing management. Rob concludes with advice about how to “get started” on an impactful edge computing management journey.

Interviewed by: Charles Pelton, Contributing Editor, CIO, IDG Communications, Inc.

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3:40 - 4:05 PM

Investing in Edge Innovation: A Moderated Panel Discussion

Ann Bednarz, Assistant Managing Editor, Network World, IDG Communications, Inc.
Thor Olavsrud, Senior Writer,, IDG Communications, Inc.
Jon Gold

Enterprises have seen IT expenditures split between the on-prem datacenter and public cloud services. Investing in edge presents a middle ground, where enterprises can launch small-scale satellite data centers alongside manufacturing facilities, branch offices, transportations hubs, and so on – with a variety of hosting options available. Join us to hear our expert panelists discuss the transformational implications.

Interviewed by: Eric Knorr, Editor in Chief, IDG Enterprise

4:05 - 4:20 PM

Resiliency at the Edge: How Robust and Secure is Your Physical IT Infrastructure?

Greg Johnson, Director, Sales, Data Center Software Solutions, Schneider Electric
Andrew Poland, Segment Strategy Director, Schneider Electric

Edge computing enables digital transformation allowing organizations to improve customer experiences, operational efficiencies and new opportunities for innovation. But deploying these solutions needs to be strategic to account for risk of downtime and to ensure that dispersed physical infrastructure is carefully designed, planned, and managed. Join us to learn how to create a strategic focus on resilience, provide a foundation for the future, and develop an environment to enable alignment of IT infrastructure with the overall enterprise vision.

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4:20- 4:45 PM

How the Red Cross Boosts Productivity with Edge Applications

Sajit Joseph, Chief Innovation Officer, American Red Cross

Among its humanitarian missions, the American Red Cross provides 40 percent of the nation’s blood supply, working in areas with varying levels of connectivity. Edge computing is enabling the nonprofit to build a resilient infrastructure to perform vital tasks such as verifying donors’ eligibility and scheduling their next appointment. In this session, we’ll l explore edge use cases as well as the organization’s other notable technical solutions including; using AI to suggest staffing levels and duration of blood drives; installing beacons to optimize the volunteer experience at its emergency shelters; and testing a machine learning model to assess damage following natural disasters.

Interviewed by: Derek Hulitzky VP, Content Development & Strategy, IDG Communications, Inc.

Inside the Edge-First Strategy at Sonos

Ruth Sleeter, Chief Information Officer, Sonos

Unlike other companies just now charting an edge strategy, Sonos was founded in the environment of IoT and edge devices. The maker of premium speakers, sound systems and other products and services still has to balance what stays on the edge and what goes to the cloud; make decisions about consumer data and security; and devise an overall IT strategy now that its internal journey to the cloud is almost complete. Find out how Sonos is using automation to drive growth and integrating data to create a unified customer experience.

Interviewed by: Derek Hulitzky VP, Content Development & Strategy, IDG Communications, Inc.

4:45- 5:10 PM

How Edge Computing Fills Strategic Gaps in an Aging Power Grid

 Tim Dickson, Chief Information Officer, Generac Power

In a time of aging power grids and climate-driven outages, the world needs reliable sources of energy. Generac Power has figured out how to turn its more than two million backup generators in the market into a virtual power plant using edge technology combined with AI and a new cloud platform. Learn how Generac is managing its new class of data resources, developing new predictive powers, using IT to create new business opportunities, and upskilling the existing team in a tight labor market.

Interviewed by: Maryfran Johnson, CEO, Maryfran Johnson Media

How Intelligent Aircraft Engines Leverage Edge Computing

 Stuart Hughes CIO, Rolls-Royce

Aerospace defense company Rolls-Royce captures half a gig of data per engine on each flight. Knowing what to do with that rapidly scaling amount of data, and how to optimize it to maintain its fleet of engines, is an essential part of the company’s customer service promise. Dive into the company’s edge strategy, including its plans for being able to respond and change to challenges in real time, and learn how to map out your own edge use cases.

Interviewed by: Thor Olavsrud, Senior Writer,, IDG Communications, Inc.

How Edge Computing Delivers Automated and Actionable Analytics

Raman Mehta, Chief Information Officer & SVP, Johnson Electric

Velocity is everything at Johnson Electric, a global producer of motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects for industries ranging from automotive to food and beverage. Its new business model mandates that IT drive innovation, which has led to building machine learning into smart manufacturing that collects more data, responds faster to customer needs and reduces waste. Find out how the company uses edge computing to solve business challenges — and what scaffolding is necessary to get the most out of edge — and how its mindset of gathering “automated, actionable analytics” not only builds trust, but improves outcomes.

Interviewed by: Maryfran Johnson, CEO, Maryfran Johnson Media

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Demystifying Edge Computing
Renny Shen, Director of Product Marketing for Edge Technology, Akamai

Cyber Recovery at the Edge: How to Recover When Hackers Break Through
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