CIO's Future of Work
Summit Canada

The Workplace at a Crossroads

September 28, 2022

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The New Digital Workplace Demands a New Playbook. And, We’ve Written It.

Events of the past two years have changed the workplace forever. Distributed teams and hybrid work models are becoming standard. Efforts to engage employees are at an all-time high. And now external economic and geopolitical pressures affecting supply chains and partners are escalating the challenges of running a business.

If you’re struggling, you’re not alone.

CIO’s Future of Work Summit Canada will convene the IT community’s top leaders to share their latest strategies for forging ahead. They’ll dig into their successes – and failures – with dynamic work models and the continual adaptation they require. They’ll discuss the best techniques for communication and collaboration across internal stakeholders, partners and customers, and specific impacts on IT leaders and their teams. And we’ll explore the human + technology connection and how it’s fostering innovation through automation and augmentation.


What’s in it for you?

  • One full day of immersive learning
  • Canadian content & perspectives
  • 360º view into the Future of Work
  • Networking Opportunities with Peers and Industry Experts


  • Valuable lessons learned by world-class CIOs and tech leaders across various industries.
  • How to Scale Automation While Upskilling Talent.
  • Strategies on how to win the war for talent.
  • How to manage your culture for success across a distributed workforce.

We’ll dive into case studies that address issues such as:

  • How are organizations now focusing on growth and innovation? What in their processes has changed? What are their new challenges?
  • How are they maximizing collaboration across multi-generational teams?
  • How can organizations – and their leaders – sustain high performance in the face of the hybrid workplace grind?
  • What questions should you be asking about the best use of people’s time in the office?
  • How is VR, AR and metaverse solving new workplace challenges?
  • What does the transition from work/life balance to work/life integration really mean for the health of your teams and your business?
  • Where does automation fit into innovation?
  • How are organizations solving for automated systems that don’t integrate with one another?

From the strategic to the tactical, our speakers will inspire you with their vision and their techniques to rally their organizations to innovate and charge ahead even as they grapple with staff turnover, the challenges of hybrid workplaces and automation that poses new challenges even as it resolves old ones. You’ll leave energized to embrace the next phase of the future of work.


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