CIO's Future of Digital
Innovation Summit Canada

Building a Modern, Sustainable
Business at Scale

October 19-20, 2022

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Profitable digital innovation starts with software, but it doesn’t end there.

Leading organizations in all sectors by now realize that digital innovation is key to survival, and it is tied to enterprise and operations. But surviving is not the same as thriving. To fend off disruption from digital natives and manage market pressures, businesses must consistently think about business goals and values to deliver innovative products and experiences.

As Canada comes out of the pandemic, we will enter the era where organizations will have sustainable digital businesses and it can be characterized as the digital-first world. Join us at CIO’s Future of Digital Innovation Summit Canada and get expertise from CIOs about how enterprises are expected to create more digital services than ever — and at scale. The business stakes are high, along with expectations for CIOs to deliver.


What’s in it for you?

  • Two days of immersive learning
  • Canadian content & perspectives
  • 360º view into the Future of Digital Innovation
  • Networking Opportunities with Peers and Industry Experts


  • Valuable lessons learned by world-class CIOs on creating transformative digital products and services.
  • Strategies to create a culture of digital innovation across organizations.
  • How can organizations use automation tools to operate and secure overall IT infrastructure
  • Latest trends on communication and collaboration tools.


Day 1
Wednesday, Oct. 19
How are organizations using data, AI and automation to innovate?
Day 2
Thursday, Oct. 20
Approaches to boost customer & employee experience
  • TBD


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