CIO 50 Symposium & Awards Canada

The Digital Leadership Paradigm

November 29-30, 2022

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Centered around the 2022 CIO 50 Canada award-winners, stories of leadership, innovation and modernization will be shared.

The digital leadership paradigm is upon us, and with it, a series of daunting challenges. Today’s CIOs and their teams needed to rapidly adapt to changing economic and business conditions forcing the rapid deployment of new digital solutions, while still driving growth and efficiency in a secure environment.

Join us virtually on November 29 & 30 as we celebrate 50 award-winning innovative projects from Canadian organizations at our inaugural CIO 50 Symposium & Awards Canada event. You’ll see how organizations are thriving with technology innovation, and you’ll meet executives and leaders across industries whose collective experience isn’t found anywhere else.  There is no fee to attend this symposium.


What’s in it for you?

  • Two days of immersive learning
  • Canadian content & perspectives
  • 360º view into the Digital Leadership Paradigm
  • Networking Opportunities with Peers and Industry Experts


  • Valuable lessons learned by world-class CIOs and tech leaders across Canada.
  • How the innovative projects of CIO 50 award-winning organizations are driving business growth and efficiency.
  • How CIOs are innovating to create new services and experiences with speed and scale.
  • How CIOs are capitalizing on advancements in digital infrastructure, clouds, AI, data and automation to create reliable, resilient, and pervasive services


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November 29-30, 2022