October 2-4, 2023
We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ

Pushing Past Disruptions: Winning Security Strategies in a Chaotic Time.

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In today’s business landscape, both large and small enterprises grapple with a new norm characterized by constant upheaval. Ransomware attacks have reached across sectors like energy, finance, healthcare, and education, while insider threats stealthily make off with valuable assets. Simultaneously, data breaches force companies into defensive action to safeguard their systems and reputations. Compounding these challenges is the emergence of GenAI, which brings its own set of risks.

This evolving and capricious threat landscape underscores the heightened importance of the CISO’s role. Amidst these circumstances, security leaders have devised strategies to navigate the obstacles. CSO50 Conference + Awards offers an opportunity to glean insights from CISOs and security luminaries who have mastered the art of managing disruption. By engaging with these experts, you can gain a deeper understanding of the current security milieu and equip yourself for the uncertainties that lie ahead.




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