CIO’s Future of Work Summit 2023: Agenda

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Welcome Remarks

Anne McCrory, Group Vice President, Customer Experience & Operations, Events, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company


The Radical Next: Designing the Organization of the Future

Workplaces have hit the point of radical evolution on the exponential curve. Futurist Sam Rad (Samantha Radocchia) will take you on a journey of what she calls our “Radical Next” future, empowering you to envision the changes to come so that you may not only survive but more importantly thrive through accelerating change. She will address collaboration with our artificial intelligence and autonomous colleagues, the shift away from hierarchical organizational structures, and the technology, systems, and careers of the future. Join us for a near-term look at the future of work that will prepare and inspire you to meet the changes and challenges ahead.

Samantha Radocchia, Futurist, Award-Winning Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Technology Pioneer


Live Discussion with Samantha Radocchia

Now it’s your chance to join the conversation with futurist Samantha Radocchia. Bring your big questions on how societal, cultural, and technological changes will affect our work lives. Or we can cover generative AI, the metaverse, or the details of SamRad’s virtual clone. The focus of this live, moderated discussion will be up to you.

Samantha Radocchia, Futurist, Award-Winning Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Technology Pioneer

Moderated by:

Beth Kormanik, Event Content Director, Foundry, IDG
Beth Kormanik, Event Content Director, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company


Is There an Easier Way to Manage and Remediate Risk?

The challenges cybersecurity teams face include budget constraints and competing for talent. On the technology side, there are too many legacy risk tools, increasingly complex infrastructure and applications stacks, and an average of 75 security tools in many companies. The solution starts with visibility gleaned with insight from a single pane of glass. Today’s prevention and remediation now include a high degree of automation and data analytics augmented by AI and machine learning.

Jason Mical, Field Chief Technology Officer, Americas, Rapid7

Interviewed by:

Charles Pelton, Contributing Editor, CIO, CSO, Network World, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

1:00pm - 1:25pm

Making Intelligent Automation Work at Scale

Six years into its automation journey, AT&T has implemented more than 3,000 bots, developed an automation center of excellence, and realized a 20x return on investment. Join CIO Senior Writer Thor Olavsrud for a conversation with Mark Austin, vice president of data science at AT&T, about how the telecom titan has made intelligent automation part of its business process DNA.

Mark Austin Ph.D., VP, Data Science, AT&T Chief Data Office

Interviewed by:

Thor Olavsrud, Senior Writer,, Foundry

1:25pm - 1:50pm

Game Changer: Deploying Gen AI to Maximize Customer Experience

Learn how Gen AI-based software is enhancing customer interactions, enabling personalization, and augmenting service and support teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences efficiently. Success requires a strategy and technologies that engage and empower the CX workforce rather than squeezing out more output.

Dana Shalev, Director of Product Marketing, NICE WEM LOB

1:50pm - 1:55pm


Now’s the time to grab your coffee, visit sponsor booths, or answer a couple of emails.

1:55pm - 2:20pm

What Your Next-Gen Workforce Could Look Like

New technologies may require new job titles. In the world of AI, that could mean creating roles for prompt engineers, AI compliance specialists, AI product managers, AI data annotators, or AI ethics advisers. What’s already showing up in the field? In this session, you’ll get a big-picture view of how major companies are reorganizing their workforces to recruit for new roles – or tweaking existing roles to require skills with emerging technologies.

Justin Martinez, Practice Leader, Technology Officers Practice, Korn Ferry

Interviewed by:

Beth Kormanik, Event Content Director, Foundry, IDG
Beth Kormanik, Event Content Director, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

AI & the Promise of Productivity: Creating a Better Workplace Experience

When touting the benefits of generative AI, proponents often mention its ability to take on mundane tasks, leaving employees to complete higher-level, more interesting work. So how do you do that? Join us to learn how human resource and IT leaders can use AI tools, such as ChatGPT or Bard, to help employees enhance their productivity. This conversation will tackle some of the tough questions around AI, including potential pitfalls and challenges, as well as provide advice about what to ask when purchasing generative AI and other AI tools.

Bradley Cooper, AVP, Technology, SASR Workforce Solutions
Niranjan Ramsunder, Chief Technology Officer, UST

Moderated by:

Lucas Mearian, Senior Writer, Computerworld, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

2:20pm - 2:50pm

From Shadow IT to Shadow AI: How to Gain Visibility and Rein in Unauthorized Usage

What you don’t know can hurt you when it comes to employees using generative AI tools like ChatGPT without guardrails set up by their organizations. The risks range from compromised intellectual property to regulatory penalties to copyright infringement, which could have serious consequences. Learn about proven strategies that scale from strict restrictions to controlled pilot projects to make smart use of this emerging and powerful technology.

Max Chan - skilled, visionary technology executive serving as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Avnet
Max Chan, CIO, Avnet
Daniel Saroff - Group Vice President of Consulting and Research at IDC
Daniel Saroff, GVP, Consulting and Research, IDC

Moderated by:

Stan Gibson, Principal, Stan Gibson Communications

2:50pm - 3:05pm

Deliver a Cost-Effective, Sustainable & High-Quality Digital Workplace

The impact of accelerated digital transformation and hybrid work means that constantly building the IT team to manually address every issue as it is reported is no longer sustainable. In this session, we will look at an alternative approach: creating an understanding of service delivery across your entire IT estate so you can see—and solve—issues before they disrupt employees’ work. We will look at real-world examples of how IT teams are applying visibility, AI-driven diagnostics, and automated remediation across critical transformation, incident management, and cost management projects.

Scott Pope, Business Value Architect EMEA, Nexthink

3:05pm - 3:30pm

Friend or Foe? What’s the role of automation and GenAI for the future of work?

All eyes are on generative AI now, dramatizing both the perils and the progress it will bring for the future of work. Lost in this focus is a conversation about the complexities of automation and what they mean for work culture, workspaces, and places. Join Amy Loomis as she shares data and insights from IDC’s most recent global research studies, exploring how automation, AI, and GenAI are addressing and driving the need for skills development, improved operational work strategies, and employee engagement.

Amy Loomis, Research Vice President, Future of Work, IDC

3:30pm -3:45pm

Future of Work Lightning Insights

Join us for a series of five-minute market insights geared to solving your biggest challenges from Nexthink, Absolute Software, NICE, Venn, and Aware.

5 Minute Webinar: Get Back 50% of Your Software Budget presented by Nexthink 

Absolute: Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce presented by Absolute Software

The Next Generation of NICE Enlighten AI presented by NICE

Securing Remote Work presented by Venn

The New Dataset Giving Employees a Voice presented by Aware

3:45pm - 4:10pm

From Automation to Reinvention

BigCommerce CIO Rosie Rivel explains how AI is changing the nature of work not only for software developers and other tech and non-tech employees of the Ecommerce platform but for its customers as well. Attendees will learn how the platform services provider is integrating AI into its internal business processes as well as its customer-focused platform to enhance the work people do while leaving repetitive and lower-level tasks to technology.

Rosie Rivel, CIO, BigCommerce

Interviewed by:

Julia King, Contributing Editor, Computerworld/CIO, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

Always On Sessions

Always On Sessions

How to Recession-Proof Your IT

Luis Dunn, Solutions Consultant, Nexthink
Edgar Padua, Solutions Consultant, Nexthink

Empower Your Workforce through Cyber Resilience

Torsten George, Cybersecurity Evangelist, Absolute Software

AI’s Impact on Customer Experience

Barak Eilam, CEO, NICE

Exploring Solutions That Comprise a Comprehensive Ransomware Strategy

Jeffrey Gardner, Practice Advisor, D&R, Rapid7

Unlocking Collaboration Without the Risk

Chris Plescia, Chief Technology Evangelist, Aware

Unlocking Secure BYO-PC for Remote Workers

David Matalon
David Matalon, CEO and Founder, Venn

Agenda subject to change.