The below agenda is from our February 2023 event. The September agenda is coming soon.

All times listed on the agenda are Eastern Standard Time.

11:30am - 12:15pm

In Conversation with Reshma Saujani: Our Workplaces Have Changed, but the Job Isn’t Finished

Reshma Saujani – the activist, bestselling author, and founder of Girls Who Code – has a new movement: Moms First, a national movement to center mothers in the economic recovery from the pandemic and value their labor, by advocating for public and private sector changes to expand choices for women and to remove barriers to equality. In this conversation, we will discuss her vision for the future of work and the role that tech will play in this transformation. We’ll also reflect on the state of the industry’s gender gap, leadership lessons from her years as a CEO, and her insight on how to meet the training and workplace challenges ahead. Join us for this inspirational discussion and be part of the solution.

Reshma Saujani, Founder & CEO, Moms First, Founder, Girls Who Code

Interviewed by:

Beth Kormanik, Manager, Content Development, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

12:15pm - 12:35pm

Live Discussion with Reshma Saujani

Now it’s your chance to join the conversation with activist and Founder of Girls Who Code and Moms First, Reshma Saujani. Bring your questions on the tech gender gap, making the workplace a better place for mothers, building your own leadership skills, and more for this live, moderated discussion.

Reshma Saujani, Founder & CEO, Moms First, Founder, Girls Who Code

Interviewed by:

Beth Kormanik, Manager, Content Development, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

12:35pm - 12:55pm

How to Design Human-First, Outcomes-Driven Experiences

To make space for the unbridled potential of employees and promote innovation, organizations now look to build human-centric, outcomes-driven systems. And as companies increasingly find themselves operating in a digital-first, hybrid environment, they look to automation and AI to make work processes more efficient. As leaders, says Toni Vanwinkle, VP, Digital Employee Experience, Adobe, we need to focus on outcomes and be transparent with our teams, prioritizing high-value work and bringing design thinking into the work environment. Join her for a discussion on this and more.

Toni Vanwinkle, VP, Digital Employee Experience, Adobe

Interviewed by:

Charles Pelton, Contributing Editor, CIO, CSO, Network World, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

12:55pm - 1:25pm

Are You Monitoring Productivity or Unlawfully Surveilling Employees?

What’s acceptable and what’s unlawful when it comes to using technology to monitor employee productivity? As remote and hybrid work setups become entrenched, more companies are exploring employee monitoring software that can record workers conversations, keystrokes, physical movement and more. At the same time, governments from New York to California to Ontario, Canada, are responding with regulations of their own. Join us to explore the technological, legal and moral angles to a new frontier of employee management for both union and non-union workforces.

Jennifer Abruzzo, General Counsel, National Labor Relations Board

Interviewed By:

Bob Bragdon, SVP/Managing Director Worldwide, CSO, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

1:25pm - 1:30pm

Networking Break

1:30pm - 1:50pm

Better Employee Experiences with Network Orchestration

Solving IT problems has become more challenging as a result of hybrid work – and higher employee expectations for productive, wonderful experiences. Nexthink works to solve these issues through a network orchestration philosophy that recognizes how many systems and processes IT oversees actually reside outside the enterprise (see: BYOD, public cloud, SaaS.) Nexthink works to support IT processes and experiences, at scale, recognizing new and evolving IT – and workplace – realities.

Yassine Zaied, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Nexthink

Interviewed by:

Charles Pelton, Contributing Editor, CIO, CSO, Network World, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

1:50pm - 2:15pm

“OK, Boomer”? What the Next-Generation Workforce Wants

“OK, boomer” (gasp!) What does this even mean? Boomers have the wisdom and years of experience to back them up, so why are they now a punch line in Gen Z TikTok videos? In this session we reveal what Gen Z needs from their employers and how Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials in technology leadership positions can build diverse, equitable and inclusive workforces that will boost employee engagement, enjoyment and retention. Join Anne McCrory as she chats with an expert GenZ panel that will shed some light (the ring light, that is) on the immediate actions you can take to bolster your workforce to ensure success for generations to come.

Anthony Onesto, Chief People Officer, Founder, Creator, Author

Interviewed by:

Anne McCrory, Group Vice President, Customer Experience & Operations, Events, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

Culture First: The Key to Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Companies desperately need skills and talent. Potential employees seek to apply their knowledge and skills, but they also want purpose, meaning and a sense of fulfillment in their work. Having it all comes down to company culture. Kristie Grinnell, SVP and CIO at DXC Technology Co., explains how and why the $6.1 billion global IT services company has embraced a “culture first” strategy to grow its 130,000-strong workforce.

Kristie Grinnell, SVP & CIO, DXC Technology

Interviewed by:

Julia King, Contributing Editor, Computerworld/CIO, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

2:15pm - 2:40pm

The Promise of Productivity and Flexible Work Models

As economic uncertainty continues to challenge businesses in 2023, what does this mean for organizations torn between concerns about cost savings and investing in employee experience? How do we start to rethink the long- and short-term benefits of investing in employees with so much churn in people, processes and technologies? Technically, organizations continue to invest in intelligent digital workspaces, cloud-based applications, automation, and security. They are also starting to invest in the redesign of physical places that foster hybrid and in-person collaboration and innovation. Automation has both rescued workers from redundant tasks and put the onus on them to automate their own work. In this presentation, Amy Loomis will share how hybrid work is changing the ways we think about the employee experience and which technologies and approaches to leadership are most effective for developing flexible and successful work environments.

Amy Loomis, Research Vice President, Future of Work, IDC

2:40pm - 2:55pm

The CIO Imperative: Unlocking Dividends from Digital Employee Experience

Global economic shifts, evolving cyberthreats and war for talent all intensify demands on IT & security operations to rapidly innovate and accelerate growth. CIOs have invested in digital transformation initiatives to counter these pressures. Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is one key area that positively impacts productivity, talent acquisition and retention, security, operational agility and ultimately business growth. In this session, Daren will focus on why it’s critical to prioritize DEX to unlock digital dividends and overall business outcomes.

Daren Goeson, Vice President of Product Management, Ivanti

How to Become a Hybrid Work Hero

As organizations embrace hybrid work for the benefit of employees and contractors, IT and security leaders are forced to consider ways to provide access to work for their users without hampering productivity and security. With the new reality of the hybrid workforce, security and user experience are at the front and center of technology strategies. Join Bryan Green, CISO at Zscaler, to learn how organizations are making the shift to hybrid work, the associated challenges, the risk with VPNs, and the importance of adopting a zero trust strategy.

Bryan Green, CISO, Zscaler

2:55pm - 3:25pm

BANI Changed the Game: Permacrisis Leadership Requires More Than Technical Skills

The skills needed to lead in and navigate the workplace go beyond coding languages or cloud architecture. BANI (brittle, anxious, non-linear, and incomprehensible) conditions have resulted in a permacrisis for leaders and their organizations. Join us for an interactive workshop experience with Lisa Duerre, a Silicon Valley insider and strategist, and learn what it takes to be an effective leader. She’ll show you how to attack common BANI workplace villains such as anxiety, impostor syndrome, burnout, and more. You’ll leave with valuable insights, leadership tools, and your own action plan to thrive.

Lisa Duerre, CEO & Co-Founder, RLD Group

Intelligent Automation: Johnson & Johnson’s Billion-Dollar Bet

In the past few years, robotic process automation (RPA) has been gaining traction as organizations seek to apply software robots to automate rules-based business processes. But organizations like pharmaceutical titan Johnson & Johnson are taking automation further by combining RPA with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate more complex tasks. In this session, J&J’s Ajay Anand and Stephen Sorensen will explain what they’ve learned since telling senior leadership they could deliver half a billion dollars of impact over three years by applying intelligent automation to everything from basic business processes, to chatbots that can help employees and customers, to algorithms that can monitor the company’s supply chain and help it adjust to changing conditions.

Ajay Anand, Vice President, Johnson & Johnson, Global Services Strategy & Transformation

Stephen Sorensen, Senior Vice President, Johnson & Johnson Technology Services, Supply Chain, Data & Intelligent Automation

Interviewed by:

Thor Olavsrud, Senior Writer,, IDG Communications, Inc.

3:25pm - 3:50pm

Lightning Insights

Join us for a variety of lightning insights from industry executives.

Deliver IT that Delights, presented by Nexthink

Better Experiences For All, presented by Adobe

Zscaler Secure Hybrid Workforce, presented by Zscaler

How IT Can Increase Hybrid Worker Productivity, presented by Cloudbrink

Enable your Everywhere Workplace, presented by Ivanti

Internal Video Messaging Demystified: You Got This, presented by Vidyard

The New Dataset Giving Employees a Voice, presented by Aware

3:50pm - 4:15pm

Navigating the CIO Marketplace in 2023

Despite shifting headwinds in the technology jobs marketplace – from talent shortages to layoffs – the need for talented IT leadership remains. Here’s your chance to hear from a top executive search recruiter for insights into the shape of today’s hiring landscape and what you should know as a potential job candidate. This session will cover how the CIO role has changed, the skills that are key to success, advice for aspiring CIOs, and questions candidates should always ask in an interview.

Tom Graham, Partner, Global Head of Technology & Head of New York, Stonehaven

Interviewed by:

Beth Kormanik, Manager, Content Development, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

Automation: Is This the Year of No- and Low-Code?

No- and low-code development is more than a fad: the market to automate processes is expanding as companies realize the benefits of distributed development. But there are challenges as well. This session will address the benefits and challenges of automation and advise on how to choose a low-code platform.

Chris Haas, Director of Product, App Engine, ServiceNow

Isaac Sacolick, Contributing Editor, InfoWorld

Moderated by:

Lucas Mearian, Senior Writer, Computerworld, Foundry, an IDG Inc. company

4:15pm - 4:40pm

Full Stack Leadership: Creating Strategic Purpose for All

Gone are the days of the technology leader only implementing tech. Full Stack Leadership places the CIO at the top of business strategy, building high-performing teams focused on collaboration, purpose, critical thinking, and technology innovation. From leading with validation, building diverse talent pools, exercising a global mindset to servant leadership our expert panel will cover it all. In this session you’ll learn how to put your employees front and center to build value not only for them, but for your organization, from the front end to the back end.

Carolyn Levy, President, Randstad Technologies Group

Nick Marchand, VP, Digital & Technology Operations and Cyber Security, Cineplex Entertainment

André Allen, Vice President Information Technology, Chief Privacy Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, MaRS Discovery District

Moderated by:

Lee Rennick, Canadian Editor,

Always On

Always On Sessions (February 2023)

Breaking the Kill Chain: How Zscaler Disrupts Attacks with ZTNA

Deepen Desai, CISO and VP of Security Research, Zscaler

The Future is Now: The New Office is Anywhere

Prakash Mana, CEO, Cloudbrink

Shift Left to Risk-Based, Proactive Security Management

Phil Bowermaster, Director of Product Marketing, Ivanti

4 Ways to Use Async Video For Remote Collaboration

Tyler Lessard, Chief Video Strategist, Vidyard

Tapping Into Advanced Workflows to Grow and Energize Your Business, Forbes Research from Adobe and Microsoft

Janett Haas, SVP, Head of Forbes Insight, Forbes

Ian Peacock, Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

Combine Technology & Sentiment to Create Cost Efficient Experience

Eric Jost, Digital Workplace Head, Wipro

Matt Evans, Principal Employee Experience (EX) Product Scientist, Qualtrics

Unlocking Collaboration Without the Risk

Chris Plescia, Chief Technology Evangelist, Aware

Kaitlyn Debelak, Head of Customer Success, Aware

Agenda subject to change.