Scenic view of the Terranea Resort, the venue for the CIO 100 Symposium and Awards 2023
What to Expect at CIO 100 Symposium & Awards 2023

From arrival to departure, you and your team will immerse yourself in the highest level of knowledge sharing. Participants and award winners will create lasting connections, candidly discuss challenges and solutions, and ultimately, prepare their business for the future.

Influential Thinkers Gather at CIO 100

CIO 100 provides an intimate setting for tech’s most influential thinkers at the beautiful Terranea Resort. Opportunities are designed to go beyond the typical and create platforms to explore new standards for excellence, innovation, and success in IT.

• Deep Dive Presentations

Join small discussion groups to dig into real-world case studies and learn about achieving positive outcomes and overcoming restraints around three relevant topics: Cloud & Data, Future of Work, and Customer & Employee Experience.

• Leadership Masterclass

Senior IT leaders can get candid presentations from peers and interactive discussions focused on critical executive level responsibilities.

• Elite Keynote Speakers

Elite keynote speakers will present valuable insights and inspiration to help IT leaders plan for the future. Attendees will have unique access to these thought leaders and celebrities for a truly memorable experience.

• Digital Poster Program

Learn from actual case studies delving into the CIO 100 winning projects. Get into the details with each expert and find out how they made leaps while competitors stayed behind.

• Coffee and Conversations

Book time with Hall of Fame CIOs and CIO 100 award winners for mentorship, problem-solving, and career development advice. Set the agenda yourself and uncover unique perspectives from the best in the business.