Get the most out of all the CIO100/AGENDA20 Virtual Symposium, Conference and Awards has to offer. If you have log in or registration questions not answered here, please email Debra Becker at

The virtual event opens on Tuesday, October 6 at 12:30 pm (ET) To log into the environment, click here.

Please register first here to participate in the CIO100/AGENDA20.

FAQ and How to Navigate the Virtual Event Environment

DEVICES: Laptop, phone, computer (Mac or PC) or tablets (Android or IOS) are supported.

INTERNET BROWSER: This is a virtual, browser based experience. If you’re using an older, or unsupported Operating System, Internet Browser, or version of Flash, you may experience decreased performance. We recommend Firefox as the most stable and consistent browser for accessing the virtual environment.

Can I test my computer or device in advance?
Yes, on the login page click the “System Check” button to ensure your computer and connection are ready to view the experience and all its live presentations. You can run a test here: 

Can I attend the show from my tablet or phone?
Yes, attendees can experience the full show from a tablet or smart-phone/device.

What if I have technical problems or questions about the environment?
In the environment, you can always head over to the Help Desk to see if a representative is available, or if a public group chat is open. Alternatively, or if you are not in the environment, you can send an email to our support desk at

Making the Most of Your Event Experience

Q: How do I log in to the event?

A: Simply click here. 

Q: When does the virtual event start?

A: The event kicks off Tuesday, October 6 at 12:30pm ET. Logging in before then will take you to a registration ‘thank you’ page, so please wait until 12:30pm ET on 10/6. For the other event days of October 7, 13 and 14, please check the agenda for new, live sessions and award program times.

Q: Will I be able to see the live talks if I miss them?

A: Yes. All live content is available on demand a few hours after it airs live for you to watch anytime. However, we recommend attending while the event is taking place so you can interact with your peers and our knowledgeable sponsors.

Q: How can I register for the event?

A: Simply click here and make sure your colleagues do, too. All participants must register in advance to gain access to the event environment.

Q: What’s the best way to participate in the career event?

A: Upload your resume. Upon entering the event go to the gear in the upper right and select the first option, “edit registration info”. (see photo example here)
Visit Career Event to chat live with participating companies on Wednesday, October 7, from 10:45am – 1:00pm ET and/or Tuesday, October 13, from 4:15pm – 6:15pm ET. You can also message their staff at other times, through the same chat window. Your note will be sent to them via email.

Q: What’s the best way to network?

A: We recommend several approaches: In the Auditorium, you can comment on the sessions in the chat window; in the Exhibit Hall, you can contact staff in the booths via text or video chat; and in the networking lounge, you can say hello and share information on the types of people you are looking to meet, and/or participate in our moderated chats at the end of each day. You can also reach out to attendees by accessing the attendee directory on the navigation bar. Clicking on someone’s name allows you to send them a private message.

Q: How do I earn points for Activity Rewards?

A: Actions throughout the conference will earn you points, from watching videos to sharing content on social media and engaging with other attendees and partners in the environment. Click on Activity Rewards to learn more.

Q: What hashtag should I use for my posts?

A: #CIO100AGENDA20 #IDGDiceCareerEvent

Q: What are the awards programs all about?

A: The CIO 100 Symposium has featured the most innovative IT organizations that are creating business value for more than 30 years, through the CIO 100 awards program. The CIO Hall of Fame recognizes IT and business executives with 10+ years in a C-level role who have made their mark on the profession as judged by their peers. These awards programs, along with the FutureEdge50 and Ones to Watch from the AGENDA20 conference, will be discussed in a live chat in the Networking Lounge on October 14. You can also visit for more information.

Q: How do I register for other IDG/CIO virtual events?

A: Great question! We have a full calendar of monthly events planned for the remainder of 2020 and throughout 2021. Simply indicate during your registration that you would like to pre-register for the series.